A versatile, highly adaptable, professional artist who always shares her joyous human energy.

Nanaco travelled around the world for almost 10 years and gained experience playing her violin wherever she went, either as a solo artist or teaming up with other musicians on locations. She never gets tired of checking out jazz jam sessions or busking in the streets, getting to know people, places and spaces. Her focus is set on Jazz, while her curiosity and skills enable her to blend in any style on a professional level ranging from hip hop, r and b to classical. Born and raised in Japan, she stays involved with her most important projects in Tokyo and travels between her homes in Berlin and Japan. Her solo project bridges the gap between these two worlds and cultures with her label based in Tokyo. When performing completely on her own, Nanaco uses a loop station with beatboxing, midi keyboard and her voice, to create vast soundscapes to improvise with her violin on top.

The project “Tokyo Aburi Gorilla” consists of Machiko and Nanaco, focusing on the ring of words, using and patching them together, while Nanaco makes sounds and Machiko is responsible for the vivid editing.

“Famous Japanese”, her other Japanese project, could be called world music, as it has a strong Arabian influence with some deep funk aspects. The entire band consists of eight professional, versatile musicians.

All this is backed by her love for art; painting and sketching in her spare time as well as filming and editing her music videos on her own. A true one woman army, never idle and always up to something.