Her projects

Peppy and Banana

Nanaco Tarui (violin) and Pete Drungle (piano)

navigate a vast spectrum of sounds,
from avant-garde and
free jazz to neo-baroque and beyond.


NANALU is duo Impro Project ,
Lucia Boffo( www.luciaboffo.com ) and Nanaco Tarui
has started in Berlin.
Lucia has a voice to behold! Goodness,
how she sings so magnificently.
Nanaco also sings but mostly plays the violin,
beatboxes and all cool things in-between.
You can call her a cool kid.

Together they can make any sound pop,
from instruments to toys, to miscellaneous objects.
Their imagination will have you hearing sounds you never knew!
You could say they naturally complement each other,
eliciting a feeling of freedom in the Listeners,
for their chemistry is undeniable,
and a musical appointment with them can only result in joy!

Tokyo Aburi Gorilla

Machico Vivid ( Edit , Gorilla )
Nanaco ( Violin, Vocal, Beatbox )
electro pop meaningless music